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Emulsifiers, which composition comprises Bake gels reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water, since minutes between water and air, providing a complete emulsification of the components that are included in the formulation, structure strengthening and stabilizing the air bubbles in the dough. Stabilization of air bubbles promotes better aeration of the test as well as an increase in volume of baked products. Emulsification promotes optimal distribution of all ingredients, which leads to structural uniformity biscuit dough. This in turn leads to the production of the final product with a homogeneous crumb structure and a smooth flat surface.

Gels for whipping increase production volumes and lower production costs.

Production of light and air biscuits and muffins stable quality is guaranteed with the use of emulsifiers for whipping «Bake-gels» 01/02.


Adding Bake-gel in an amount of 1-2% by weight of the test allows:

Bake gels are ideal for manufacturers who are looking for ways to reduce production costs while improving the quality of finished products.


On leaving the company receives biscuit products of excellent quality, with a thin, small pore texture and maximum volume due emulsifiers that stabilize aerated foam consistency biscuit dough in the process of beating.


Due to its high functionality, emulsifiers in the composition of the gels, which would produce the maximum effect, even at relatively low dosing.


Gels retain their functionality at room temperature for 12 months, so there is no need to establish special conditions for storage in a refrigerated room.

The effectiveness of emulsifiers in biscuit products:

Competitive advantage

Bake-gel at whippingWhen whipping competitor
Бейк-гель при збиванні НМЖК при збиванні
The Climb 340 ml The Climb 250 ml
Bake-gel after bakingCompetitor after baking
Бейк-гель після випікання НМЖК після випікання
The Climb 410 ml The Climb 330 ml
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